7 Trendy Kitchen Designs You Cannot Afford To Ignore

Have you been thinking of doing a makeover on your kitchen and think the time to plunge into it is now? It is important to consider how you want the space to look like, how you want to improve the functionality of your kitchen and what you’ll need before you engage a pro. Reading about emerging kitchen designs will provide a great inspiration and, eventually, influence the kind of design of your new cooking area. With the following design elements, you might end up with the kitchen of the year in Melbourne.

Furniture-Style Design

This approach reinforces the developing evolution of the kitchen as not just a workstation but a treasured hub in a home for the family to enjoy and bond. The design focuses on the kitchen furniture. You get the option of bringing in furniture that you feel will bring your own welcoming, warm and personal touch to the kitchen.

Open or Air Shelving Design

This is one of the fascinating kitchen designs. In this design, the shelves are open, and not just for purposes of display. Open shelving makes the space feel warm and lived in and also give you the opportunity to personalize it. The kitchen also becomes easy to use.

Wallpapered Design

This is another emerging trend in today’s kitchen renovations Melbourne is offering. Wallpaper should be your choice if you want to add character and interest in your kitchen. It will enhance visual impact even if your kitchen is small. It is the easiest way to add the architectural elements you’ve ever desired in your kitchen.

Traditional Modern Design

This style marries traditional and modern designs. It would be your ideal design if you are not inclined to ultra-sleek, contemporary designs. This design affects every aspect of the kitchen from texture to materials, to color and mixes them up. For instance, the wood may be mixed with marble or stainless steel to reflect both traditional and contemporary profiles.

Statement-Making Ceilings

The ceiling of your kitchen can make all the difference and enhance the overall look. New kitchen designs are now making more emphasis on the ceiling in terms of features and shape. You may decide to add classic embellishments, bulkheads or even lighting.   Zesta Kitchens

Luxe Metals

Stainless steel, chrome and silver have had their full share and luxe metals such as bronze, copper and gold are starting to take center stage. These metals will add a prominent look in your kitchen and you might as well get tempted to host your guests in the kitchen. It might cost you an extra coin, but it is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Touch-Me Texture Designs

These textures are tempting to touch. They include materials that are more tactile and textured such as granite and marble in honed finishes. You may use these textures if you want your kitchen to have a more artistic look.

Kitchen design ideas are endless. You can use two or more of these designs together and create a phenomenal idea. When it comes to kitchen ideas, the sky is not the limit. Visit http://www.zestakitchens.com.au for more kitchen design ideas perfect for your kitchen renovation.

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